Lyra’s Grants DAO was established in Mar 22 via LEAP-17. The first Grants Council was elected by LYRA token holders to reward Lyra community contributions and public goods. The Grants DAO is responsible for:

The Grants DAO has a mandate to shine a bright light on community lead initiatives and lower the barrier to entry for any non-DAO affiliated community members to contribute and improve upon Lyra.


The type of grants we fund are:

  1. Non-profit public goods that are developed and maintained by individuals. Examples of this include alternate UIs that improve accessibility, bots that tweet about interesting trades, or a merch store.
  2. Non-profit public goods that are recurring services. Examples of this include community-written blog posts or translations.
  3. Sponsorships for one-off events like advertisements, hackathons, conferences or trading competitions.

The type of grants that we don’t fund are:

  1. Protocols that integrate with Lyra but intend to to operate as a for-profit start-up or DAO. These teams should engage with the Treasury Council for strategic partnerships and deals.


Grants terms are broken up into waves with a specific goal which defines the scope of grants that are funded for the term. Grants DAO members work closely with Core Contributors to align the wave with Core Contributor goals.

Wave 1: Genesis (Mar - Jul)

Wave 2: Growth (Jul - Nov)