<aside> 👋 Hey contributors


Below is a list of the content required to fill the Lyra Learn community wiki.

🏆 Goal: to create a valuable, well-maintained knowledge base owned by the Lyra community

Contributors are encouraged to write content on the topics outlined in the bounty board and receive OP in return.

Content should be easily understandable to a beginner trader, but also be useful enough for more advanced traders as a convenient knowledge base.

How to submit and receive a grant ❗

Grants will be given retroactively once the content is reviewed and approved to be ready to be merged into the Lyra Learn wiki.

If two people submit the same content, we will combine the work - we suggest you communicate what you’re working on in the #Lyra-learn channel in Discord.

<aside> ❗ Please note - if you click on the Topic areas it will open a page with a ‘Desired content’ list with some points to get started. Feel free to add more, but this will be the minimum content required to receive the grant.


Below is the matrix used for calculating the bounties 👇

Difficulty rating

Simple: 50 OP

Medium: 70 OP